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Cocoa Reef Resort

A Spicy Caribbean Romance Series 

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limetocococonut2-01 (1).jpg

Lime to My Coconut

Carmela 'CJ' Jones had everything figured out—until her partner of five years said that marrying her was not on his agenda. Post-breakup, she's off to the Cocoa Reef Resort in the Caribbean for some peace and quiet and to figure out what went wrong.

But peace is the last thing she finds when she meets Keston Kips, the infuriating but super-hot and carefree mixologist. More than a few mix-ups occur between them … including getting stranded together on a deserted island, where survival is the new agenda.

Without distractions, CJ and Keston face the elements and each other. Can they work together to overcome hunger pangs, swarms of mosquitoes, unruly bats, and a menacing hurricane heading their way? More importantly, can CJ and Keston survive each other?

Join CJ as she learns to light a fire with coconuts, catch fish with her dress, and recognize true love when she's almost hit over the head by it! Literally! 

Rum to the Reggae

After surviving a deadly hurricane on a deserted island, CJ’s life changes drastically. Happiness has soared to the top of her priority list, and it's all because of Keston Kips, the sexy mixologist at the Cocoa Reef Resort on St. Nicholas Island.

But can CJ be genuinely happy without a plan? Can she be content with a life of simplicity, spontaneity, and the freedom to just be?

Hell no! That’s why when CJ discovers an old journal of the great-granddaughter of a legendary pirate whose buried treasure was never found, she dives into full quest mode, complete with spreadsheets and interviews of the island’s oldest residents. 

But St. Nicholas has more than ancient pirates to be concerned with. Because modern-day ones are stealing boats and terrorizing the waters. With twenty-first-century pirates on the lam, and ancient pirate treasure to be found, CJ and Keston must return to No Man’s Land and put their love to the test once again as they struggle to survive real-life threats and an age-old curse. 

OUT MAY 21st!

limetocococonut2-01 (1).jpg

Spice For My Santa

CJ’s new business True Love Trips has taken off and she is swamped with couples wanting to experience a taste (and a test) of true love on the tiny, deserted outpost of No Man’s Land where CJ and Keston first fell in love. Recreating that experience for others (with luxury picnic baskets and cold bubbly) has brought CJ the joy and purpose that was missing in her life.

But, there’s a Grinch in town. CJ’s super wealthy ex-boyfriend Marcus O'Brien realized the hidden potential of St. Nicholas when he was on the island to convince CJ to return home. Now, he’s back.

With the help of Keston’s ex-girlfriend, who happens to be the head of St. Nicholas’ Property & Procurement Department, Marcus is buying up land left and right, even closing down the shopping stalls where Santa greets children and tourists.

To top it off, Marcus has bid on the gorgeous love spot that is the backbone of CJ’s true love trips and wants to turn No Man’s Land into an exclusive resort! This will end CJ’s business and maybe her ties to the island and Keston once and for all. After surviving a hurricane and evil pirates, can CJ and Keston survive a billionaire with a grudge?

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