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The Forever Series

Join the Walker sisters on their international journeys
to find themselves . . . and true love.


Gelato Forever

Meet Ava, the first of the Alphabet sisters, on her trip to Florence

Ava Walker has taken care of her younger sisters since their mom passed away when Ava was fourteen. Now, she’s finally following her dream of learning the art of gelato-making in Italy. Her goals are clear: become a gelato master and win the international gelato contest. The prize money will help her open her own Gelateria back home.

But fate has a surprise in store for her. Tyler, the hot jock, and justice leader from her high school is also in Italy. He’s offered to show Ava around. And help her learn to speak Italian. The only problem is – he thinks Ava is her younger, popular sister Bridget, and Ava can’t bring herself to correct him.

How long can Ava hide her true identity from the man she's falling in love with? Follow Ava on her culinary journey to Florence, Italy, to find out!


Olives Forever

Get swept away with Bridget to the Island of Aegina, Greece

After meeting Ajax in Florence while saving her older sister, Ava's, love life, Bridget and Ajax have become best friends. Only problem is - he lives halfway across the world on a Greek island as an olive farmer. 

Despite the distance, Ajax and Bridget hang out online every day. He's like her virtual boyfriend - without any romantic commitment. Until Bridget discovers Ajax's parents are planning an arranged marriage for him to save their olive farm. What can Bridget do?

Ajax and Bridget devise a plan for Bridget to be Ajax's fake fiancée for the summer. They can't force him to marry someone else if he's engaged to her, right? But Bridget's crazy plan unravels fast. Will she lose Ajax forever?

Sangria Forever *new release*

Follow along with Corinne on her study abroad in Portugal

Corrine has one year in Portugal to reinvent herself. To show the world, and her sisters, that she's more than brains and bad decisions - she's strong, independent, and on her way to becoming a world-class English language translator for the intellectual crowd.

But Corrine's dream takes a nosedive when European football legend Salvador Torres asks her to tutor his young daughter in English. Corrine needs the money, but does she want to spend time around the tall, handsome superstar with his legions of adoring fans and mysterious past? And where's his baby mama anyways?

With her future at stake and her heart on the line, reinventing herself has become Corrine's greatest challenge ever. Out now!

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Paris Forever 

Join Daisy as she stumbles into the arms of Prince Charming.

Daisy has never been kissed. Never been chosen. Never felt a man's arms around her curvy body. But all that's about to change. If she believes in fairy tales . . . 

As the fourth of the Walker girls, Daisy has watched her sisters fall in love, but that magical feeling has never happened to her. With her head in the clouds and her heart on her sleeve, Daisy tries to hold on to the idea that love will find her too. If she's patient. If she keeps on believing.

On her college study-abroad trip to Paris, Daisy discovers that sometimes you have to make your own magic. And Paris is just the place to discover how. Especially if the guy you're crushing on might be a real-life Austrian prince. And live in a real-life castle. And in need of a wife to earn his inheritance. They say you can't wait for Prince Charming to show up. Unless . . . he's already at your side. Out Oct 4th!

Aloha Forever

Coming soon!

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