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My name is Lynn Joseph. I am both a writer and an adventurer, and I am overjoyed at being able to combine my two passions. I take the saying, "When in Rome..." to heart, by immersing myself in every culture I encounter. I've discovered in my travels that everyone is looking for a romance and a happy ending! My USA home base is the charming Ferry Village in South Portland, Maine, and my international home base is the Caribbean Island of Tobago, where I'm known as the Mermaid Queen. I believe in protagonists of color traveling and changing the world. I write about the places that capture my soul and I guarantee readers a trip of a lifetime with a happy ending. Join me on my amazing journey of travel, writing, and love (not necessarily in that order). 

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Lynn's Story

In 2021, while driving cross-country from Utah to relocate to Maine, Lynn had the idea to start a publishing company. Already a published author of several award-winning books, including The Color of My Words and Flowers in the Sky with HarperCollins, Lynn wanted to step outside of her comfort zone and create her own business. By the time she had arrived in Maine, she had decided to listen to the voice in her head that told her to stop waiting for others to say yes to publishing her books, and instead to say yes to herself.

By 2023, Lynn was extremely proud to say that she is a published author once again, this time under her own publishing company, Black Mermaid Press, LLC. Her new romance series was inspired by both her love of writing and of travel. 


In 2014, when her son went to Greece on a study abroad program, she thought…I never got to do that when I was young. Maybe there is a way I can do it now. She began creating her own “study abroad” trips. As a result, her book characters are young people traveling and falling in love in fabulous locations like Italy, Greece, and Portugal. She holds true to only writing about places she has actually visited or lived in to honor the authenticity of the setting the setting as much as the romance. She wants her readers to feel as if they are there with the characters because she was there, and to allow them a way to escape and travel the world, with or without leaving home.


When she's not writing her romance books, she can be found on a beach somewhere in the world. Or binge-watching Hart of Dixie and Vampire Diaries over and over. Lynn lives in the charming Ferry Village in South Portland, Maine, and on the Caribbean Island of Tobago, where she's known as the Mermaid Queen. Join her on her journey of love, food, and romantic destinations (not necessarily in that order).

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Other Published Works


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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